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EIRICH dispersing mixer 05/21/2018

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Modern material preparation for the ceramic industry: EIRICH dispersing mixer – a tried and tested solution that is suitable for processing slurries and suspensions on the ceramic industry.

Various techniques are available for the production of suspensions and emulsions. With these mechanical dispersing techniques, the dispersing tool is required to both move the material and perform the dispersing process; in addition, the machines are generally only designed for a certain dispersion viscosity range, and the processing times are long. EIRICH dispersing technology is different. It can be used to process a free choice of viscosity ranges (and consistencies), and this within processing times of just minutes.

During the 7th edition of the International Congress on Ceramics and 62nd of Congresso Brasileiro de Cerâmica, from June, 17th to 21st in Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil, Eirich, one of the sponsors, will be presenting the dispersing technology.

EIRICH dispersing mixers, which are now also known as MixSolvers, have been in use for decades in many industries. They are used to process e.g. coating pigments for paper manufacturing, microsilica or pigment suspensions, road marking compounds, printer toner, lithium-ion compounds for rechargeable batteries and spray slip/casting slip e.g. for tiles, sanitary ceramics and technical ceramics, such as dispersions for film casting processes.

For manufacturers of technical ceramics, there is a property of the dispersing mixer that is of particular interest: By virtue of the system, upscaling is very straightforward. This is important because the production process is normally preceded by development of the formulation in the laboratory. In the same way, dispersing mixers are in use in many institutions and universities; a process developed for new products can be easily upscaled from a laboratory mixer to a production mixer. In addition, both intrinsically viscous (shear-thinning) and dilatant (shear-thickening) suspensions can be reproducibly manufactured. Here, the purity of the material is preserved, as contamination with abrasion from the parts that come into contact with product is prevented through the use of corresponding linings and armor coating.

About the congress

The 7th International Congress on Ceramics follows a sequence of successful ICCs Toronto (Canada, 2006), Verona (Italy, 2008), Osaka (Japan, 2010), Chicago (USA, 2012), Beijing (China, 2014), and Dresden (Germany 2016). It is an international highlevel platform for gathering researchers and students in the ceramics field to discuss the scientific progress in all R&D areas of conventional and modern synthesis, processing and applications of ceramics.

The ICC7 will be hosted by Abeceram, the Brazilian Ceramic Society, on behalf of the International Ceramic Federation (ICF).

The Eirich MixSolver® catalogue is available to download.

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